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A device for playing recorded Nintendo or Super Nintendo controller input files on real hardware.
thank you to those who have dealt with me while making this - dwangoAC, Ilari, Masterjun, micro500, and surely others :)
Supports control with 3.3v TTL-232 (direct to Raspberry Pi) or USB. Firmware upgradable.
Build a kit, or have it fully assembled:   + $2 shipping, USA only.  

SOLD OUT! Email email if you want one.

firmware, drivers, and replay script (version 1.1b, 20140119)   |   kit parts view  and  kit assembly guide   |   schematic

NOTE: THIS PRODUCT REQUIRES soldering donor controller wires to provided pin headers.
One sacrificial controller per player is required for NES and basic SNES.
Three cheap clone controllers and wire are required for SNES multitap.
This is a hobby device; there may be bugs and it may kill your cat. Use caution.
It is sad I need to say this, but do not buy this device unless you know how to operate a computer.
Contact ' true ' on forums or IRC if you have any questions.

Wiki, where you can find post and find valid playback settings, will be here eventually...

All versions require soldering. Parts kits require a lot of soldering.
Only order a parts kit if you have the tools and skill to solder such a kit.

In 2010, months before NESBot was announced, I was working on my own NES replay bot.
I made progress, but not fast enough; NESBot was announced before my bot was complete.
The need for hardware replay fulfilled, I put my bot on the shelf.

In the later half of 2013, a need arose for a replay device that could play back NES or SNES runs with multitap support.
The TAS community tried various solutions, but nothing was working. I settled on another microcontroller solution.
After a few months of on-and-off work testing and enhancement, the Replay Device has arrived.

My next replay device for NES / SNES / N64 / Genesis / SMS / more,
is in development!

  • tC Model 4 Stackable Multi-interface 4-out IR controller
  • tC Model 6 Stackable Multi-interface 4-out Relay
  • ControlleReplay NES or SNES recording controller mod
  • Baofeng UV-5R Enhanced MCU and Firmware Mod

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